Certified Food Safety Manager certificates must have a current date effective 1/1/19 per FDA Food Code. 

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All applications are now fillable PDF documents. Documents that require a signature will now offer the ability to do an e-signature once you download. Please email applications to: applications@ncdhd.org.

Should you have any questions regarding the forms, please call the Enfield Office, at 860-745-0383.

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Select the appropriate Department and from the drop-down, choose the application fee that correlates with the application being submitted. 

NOTE: Applications are not considered complete unless we have the following: Application, Supporting documents; if applicable, and Payment. Applications will not be processed until they are complete.

Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, Nail Salons Forms 
Barber Shop, Beauty, & Nail Salon Application
1-6 Stations $175
7-12 Stations $250
13+ Stations $300

Barber/Salon App

Barber Shop, Beauty, & Nail Salon New Owner Application

New Owner App

Barber Shop, Beauty, & Nail Salon Plan Review Application
1-6 Stations Plan Review - $100
7+ Stations Plan Review - $200
Call Enfield Office at 860-745-0383 to process payment by phone

Plan Review App

Barber Shop, Beauty, & Nail Salon Plan Review Checklist

Plan Review Checklist


Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo Parlors Guidelines Tattoo Parlor Guidelines
Tattoo Parlors
       Annual Filing Fee - $100       
Subsurface Sewage Disposal System (Septic Systems) Forms
Site Investigation Application for Repairs/Replacement
Soiling Testing for Repair/Replacement - $100
Soil Testing for *Additions/Change of Use - $150  *Please include B-100 Application

Repair/Replacement App

Site Investigation Package for New Construction/Single Lot or Subdivision 
(Includes Information on Soil and  Percolation Testing)
$200 (per lot)

Information for Septic Replacement Only

Permit To Construct a Subsurface Sewage Disposal System
New System - $250
Repair - $150
Tank Only - $100
New or Repair - Commercial - $300
New or Repair - Over 2,000 gallons - $300
Septic Contractor As-Built

Application for Building Additions, Conversions, or Change of Use

File Review Fee - $50
Site Inspection and/or Soil Testing Fee - $150
Water Treatment Waste Water
WTW Plan Review Fee - $75.00
Subsurface Sewage Disposal System
Plan Review (Two or More Lots)
$100 per lot
Single Lot Plan Review
$200 per lot
$100 per lot - Revised Plan 
$50 per lot - Well Only
Well Drilling Permit - $150 CT Well Drilling Permit
Food Service Forms
Food Service License Application (restaurants, etc.)
Class 1 - $150
Class 2
50 Seats or Less - $200
51 Seats or More - $300
Class 3:
50 Seats or Less - $300
51 Seats or More - $400
Class 4:
50 Seats or Less - $300
51 Seats or More - $400
Seasonal Food Service License Application (6 months or less)
(excludes Mobile Vendors)
Application for Section 4 Inspection
New Ownership of Existing Establishment
Food Service Plan Review Application
Food Establishment Plan/Specification Review - $400
Retail/Market Deli Plan/Specification Review - $300
Other Food Establishment or Service Not Specified - $200
Grease Interceptor Plan Review - $200.00
Food Equipment Specification Review $100
Call Enfield Office at 860-745-0383 to process payments for all of the above items in this section
Final Construction - $100.00
Food Service Catering License Application
(Please refer to local and state code packets below)
Local 4.17 Catering Code
State of CT Catering Code
Temp Food Event Coordinator's Application Event Coordinator Application
Temp Food Event Service Application (Fairs, etc.)
1-3 Day Event $100; Each add'l day beyond for same event - $50 per day
Temp Vendor - Multi-Temporary Events - $300 (Excludes Non-Profit)
Permit fee for Non-Profit Organizations is as follows:
Non-Profit w/Consult only -$25; or Non-Profit w/Inspection - $50
Multi-Temp Vendors must have a base of Operation
    Farmer's Market Application 2023
Sampling Permit (180 consecutive days)
Farm Processed/Produced Food or Bev - No Charge
Commercial Vendor/Approved/Licensed/CT Cottage Food Vendor - $25
Seasonal Permit - Food Beverages - Individual Portion Sales
One Day - $25
90 Days - $50
180 Days - $100
Farm Vendor - Individual Portions - $25
Guest Chef Demonstration - $25
Third Thursday Application, Temp Event - Windham
Must be approved by Third Thursday Committee
  Contact Enfield Office at
For Application
Mobile & Seasonal Mobile Vendor License Application
FDA Class 1 - $150
FDA Class 2 - $200
FDA Class 3 - $300
FDA Class 4 - $400
Seasonal* - 6 months only - $100
Seasonal Mobile Vendors Must have a Base of Operation
CFPM (Certified Food Protection Manager) Questionnaire
Alternate Person In Charge Demonstrated Knowledge Statement
Qualified Food Operator Regulations
Employee Training Records
Grease Trap Survey
Base of Operation
Fee Schedule
Day Care and Group Homes
Day Care Pre-School/After-School Application

Day Care Pre-School/After School

Day Care Re-licensing Application

Day Care Re-licensing

Group Homes Application

Group Homes

Hotel/Motel Form
Hotel/Motel License Application
0-20 Rooms - $200
21+ Rooms - $400


Swimming Pool Form
Swimming Pool Application

Swimming Pool Application

Fee Schedule
NCDHD Schedule of Fees

Fee Schedule


District Sanitary Code Sections


State Codes & Regulations


Food Protection


The North Central District Health Department is a full-time Public Health Department with a full-time staff funded by its member towns and an annual per capita grant from the Connecticut State Department of Public Health

Our Mission is to prevent disease, injury, and disability by promoting and protecting the health and well-being of the public and our environment.

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