Certified Food Safety Manager certificates must have a current date effective 1/1/19 per FDA Food Code. 

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Food Service Licensing

As part of our food protection efforts, the State of Connecticut and the North Central District Health Department require a food service license for:

"any place where where food is prepared and intended for individual portion service...The term includes any such place regardless of whether consumption is on or off the premises and regardless of whether there is a charge for the food."

This includes but is not limited to such establishments as restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, short-order cafes, taverns, luncheonettes, sandwich stands, soda fountains, fast food establishments, delis, groceries, markets, and convenience stores.

If you would like to operate a food service establishment within our district please follow the steps outlined below:

Proposed Food Service Facility Requirements

The following information must be submitted to the North Central District Health Department for all proposed food service facilities:

  1. A plan review application and a food service permit application and the required fees. (See posted fee schedule)
  2. A complete set of facility plans including an equipment layout of all areas, plumbing plans, and electrical plans.
  3. Details regarding finishes for floors, walks, and ceilings in all areas.
  4. Cut sheets and specifications for all equipment verifying NSF® approval.
  5. A copy of the proposed menu, including any bars/patios or catering, if proposed.
  6. If the facility is served by an onsite well, a water registration form, and lab analysis verifying the water potability (Click here for a list of CT approved water testing labs).

In addition, please note the following:

  1. If the proposed facility is served by a septic system, the system may need evaluation by this department and/or an engineer to ensure that it is suitable for the proposed use.
  2. In an effort to address the issue of fats, oil, and grease discharged into municipal sewers, the CT Department of Environmental Protection requires that Class III and Class IV food establishments install either a 1,000 gallon (minimum) outside grease interceptor or an automatic grease recovery unit. Please contact your local WPCA for more information.
  3. You must contact the town’s Building Inspector, Fire Marshal, Zoning Official, Town Engineer, and if applicable, the Water Pollution Control Authority, regarding their requirements.
  4. You must contact the CT Department of Consumer Protection, Food, and Standards Division, at (860) 713-6160 if baked goods and/or frozen desserts will be manufactured in the facility.

For additional information, you may contact us directly by either using our contact page or calling any one of our offices.


The North Central District Health Department is a full-time Public Health Department with a full-time staff funded by its member towns and an annual per capita grant from the Connecticut State Department of Public Health

Our Mission is to prevent disease, injury, and disability by promoting and protecting the health and well-being of the public and our environment.

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