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Servicing the towns of:
Enfield  |  Ellington  |  East Windsor  |  Windsor Locks Suffield  |  Vernon  |  Windham  |  Stafford

Community Health

Health Education

The North Central District Health Department offers Health Education programs that are open to residents of the District.

The Healthy Living Coalition
A current initiative of the North Central District Health Department is to create “Healthy Living Coalitions” within each of our eight towns. These coalitions will act to create policy and environmental changes within their communities. These coalitions will be staffed by key stake holders for healthy living within each town.  Examples of these will include Planning and Zoning Officials, Department of Public Works, Environmental personnel, Chamber of Commerce, Health Department, Schools and Churches, Developers, Economic Development, Park and Rec, Medical Community, Social Services Groups, and Elected Officials.

These coalitions would meet monthly and every quarter one large coalition meeting would occur for the district. Attendance would be either in person or by webinar.  The goal of these coalitions is to network on community programs to create growth in healthy living activities founded on evidenced-based policy and environmental changes related to chronic disease prevention and health disparities.  The town coalitions would feed information up to the district coalition to help us gain information on community needs and help to determine the direction of our district programs and grants. Please contact the Health Educator at North Central District Health Department for more information on the Coalition initiative.

Creation of a Healthy Living Community Event Pamphlet
The North Central District Health Department will continue to expand our work with Mark Fenton by creating a map for each town. It is our intention to use the foundation of the coalition to help identify key stake holders that conduct healthy living activities and utilize the backside of the map to advertise the time, date, and location of these activities as well as the contact information for the event. The entire front page of these maps will have walkable and bikeable trails and paths available in the town. Each year this information would be repopulated to keep up with current events.
Town members are encouraged to contact the Health Educator at North Central District Health Department  to obtain information on how to advertise local events on the map.


North Central District Health Department will be purchasing “sharrow” templates for each town for use in marking walkable and bikeable areas.  These templates will be given to the Town Planners and/or the Public Works Department in each of our eight towns. 

Community Garden Initiative
Community garden promotion is important to Healthy Living in our region. We anticipate the creation of more community gardens and would like to help facilitate their growth. In order to facilitate this goal we are working on creating the opportunity for community garden members to submit a proposal to gain financial support from our grant. Acceptable proposals would include sustainable results to the community garden. A full outline of the plan and breakdown of associated costs will be required for submission.  Please contact the Health Educator for more information on this initiative.




The North Central District Health Department is a full-time Public Health Department with a full-time staff funded by its member towns and an annual per capita grant from the Connecticut State Department of Public Health

Our Mission is to prevent disease, injury, and disability by promoting and protecting the health and well-being of the public and our environment.

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